Bridal Expo Information

Thanks for your interest in Columbia County Bridal Expo, Hours are 11-4 Feb 24' 2024. We will have about 20 vendors there. I try to limit it to 2 in each category. This is the 6th year at this location. In the past it has been about 250 people coming through. Because it is smaller it will makes it easier to spend that one on one time with people to help close the deal.  We supply a table and a black table cloth and do lots of advertising. There is several options for paying: For a 6ft table it is $115.00, to split an 8ft table is $65.00 each or for a 4ft is 75$. If you want to share a table hopefully you have someone that you can share with, not sure I have any contacts for that.  Please check with me before sending money to make sure I am expecting it and that you have been approved. Feel free to contact me on Facebook to see if we have room for you, since space is limited.

Here is the Contract for the Bridal Expo, Please fill out and return to address provided.

Contract 2024

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