Accessories 2

 Strapless bustiers,   DIMRS nipple Covers,   Clear Bra Straps

Strapless bra
Carnival Bridal Splendor Satin Torsolette Bra (424): * Lined molded cups and underwire support * Lightweight and flexible boning * Soft and breathable inner and outer mesh paneling * Removable garters with plastic clips * Fashionable lace trim throughout


Strapless bra
Carnival Bridal Splendor Low Plunge Longline Bra (203): * Lined molded cups and underwire support * Lightweight, flexible boning * Non-binding torso band for extra hold * Breathable mesh back wings * Fashionable low back design * Elegant lace trim and flower detailing


Introducing DIMR'S-The solution for rogue nipples!! DIMR'S are reusable, Hypoallergenic nipple covers keep disguised under any type of clothing!! DIMR'S were voted the greatest new invention for women and at the same time the worst for men! DIMR'S are reusable self adhesive silicone nipple covers.You simply moisten the DIMR'S and place them horizontally across your nipple and you are ready to go.Your body heat does the work by activating the silicone material creating the adhesive and your DIMR'S are secure & in place.DIMR'S will stay in place until YOU remove them.


Clear Straps
Watch closely…you used to see them…now you won’t! Hollywood Clear Bra Straps™ are performing veritable fashion magic, and it’s no illusion. * Stylish…under sheer fabrics * Discreet…with tanks, t-shirts, halters, strappy tops, swimsuits and * Sexy…with revealing necklines and swimsuits How do they work? Simply use with any bra that has detachable straps. And these innovative yet practical 100-percent polyurethane straps clean easily with a damp cloth. Don’t sacrifice support, comfort and confidence for the sake of style! Say “good-bye” to those peek-a-boo straps. "Hooray for Hollywood!"